Branded Apps Ordering

Seamless order and pay, higher ticket sizes & more re-visits with Branded apps

Convenient restaurant

Tap into digital demand and enable contactless & frictionless digital experiences with your branded Mobile & Web ordering apps.


Self-ordering kiosks

Automate and optimize your processes with self-ordering kiosks for faster service and increased ticket size.



Smooth, secure and quick image

Smooth, secure and quick

Aligned with your brand image

Aligned with your brand

Accurate orders directly to POS image

Accurate orders directly to POS

Easy menu & order management image

Easy menu & order management

Deliver consistent experiences across all channels and enhance your operations supported by MENU

Mobile App image

Mobile App

Convenient order and pay available for any platform using iOS, Android, and/or Harmony operating system

Web App image

Web App

Smooth online ordering and payment app with a responsive layout and intuitive interface

Kiosk image


Contactless ordering on Windows-based Kiosks with intuitive IX/UI, integrated with table location systems and order display screens

Your channel, your branding

Offer a state-of-the-art brand experience to your customers supported by the high quality UX/UI designs created by MENU’s dedicated team of designers. We brand the Mobile app, the Web app, and the Kiosk according to your guidelines. Leveraging our intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can present your offering with pictures, descriptions of each item and details about ingredients and allergens


All order types supported

Let your customers order & pay for dine-in, takeout, delivery, curbside or drive-thru and also business catering. Foodspot enables you to offer delivery of multiple orders to companies and buildings.


From engagement to more sales

Engage using tailored communication and introduce a loyalty & rewards program to increase sales and retain your guests.


Go beyond ordinary

Boost your revenue with add-ons, combos and cross-selling to increase the average ticket size by 30% and more.


Single cockpit to rule them all

Deliver consistent experiences across all channels and enhance your operations through the central Management Center and extensive integrations.

Payment integrated, POS connected

Payment comes integrated with our plug & play processing module. Thanks to MENU’s extensive POS integrations, every order is sent directly through the right channels ensuring easy processing and accounting.

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Enjoy full flexibility with MENU Customization center

Make your in-app communication with guests adjusted to your preferences by updating strings in your Mobile, Web and Kiosk applications without an app update or support by the development team. MENU provides you with easy access to a full directory of all strings, while the changes you make are immediately visible.


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