Management Center

Manage everything from one place

Central hub for streamlined operations

Manage your entire offering, including flexible menus, special offers, suggestions on direct and external channel interfaces, delivery and dispatching as well as discounts & loyalty.


Powerful reporting for informed decisions

Supported by performance data, you are able to optimize your campaigns and improve your operation.


Manage your entire ecosystem and access powerful customer statistics & engagement tools


Manage restaurant chains

Enjoy full control over your brand and all your restaurants!


Manage complex menus with ease

No matter the menu complexity, we have you covered.


Configure everything according to your needs

Item prices can be managed easily through the MENU Management Center and applied to channels, restaurants or automatically synced from the POS system.


Control your entire delivery setup

Management Center is the central hub for any delivery orders from any of your branded applications, Google Food Ordering, Delivery Marketplaces as well as Social & Conversational Order Channels.

Ongoing monitoring for seamless operations

Never miss an order or delay issue resolution supported by our monitoring features. MENU enables you to track the connectivity and performance of your entire ecosystem, including POS integrations and ordering channels. It also empowers you to prevent or handle possible issues thanks to automated notifications, a rich knowledge center, and of course our 24/7 support hotline.

Over-the-air update with Customization center

Customization Center enables easy and flexible update of strings and translations in customer-facing applications with no app update or development team support needed. It provides access to a full directory of strings with immediate visibility of changes. At app startup, applications pull the latest strings from the Customization Center to ensure that the most up-to-date content is displayed.


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