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New development: Foodspot

Interested in going the extra mile and delivering multiple orders to offices, buildings, or other organizations? MENU's latest development Foodspot has you covered. Contact us to learn more about the easy ordering flow using your branded app during the specified time, saving on dispatching costs with multiple deliveries to a single location, and offering Foodspot discounts to boost loyalty.

Branded Apps Ordering

Seamless order and pay, higher ticket sizes & more re-visits with branded mobile, web and kiosk apps



Integrate third-party ordering channels to maximize efficiency


Delivery & Dispatch

Take full control of your integrated delivery services with automated dispatching


Loyalty & Discounts

Reward your customers with personalized incentives to drive loyalty and boost sales


Marketing Website

Make the best impression with your branded digital presentation with a flexible website builder



Building relationships that last with personalized communication and targeted campaigns


Management Center

Manage your entire ecosystem from one place and access powerful customer statistics & engagement tools


All-in-one digital restaurant ecosystem

MENU helps you boost your business & enjoy tangible benefits

Retain customers image
Retain customers

Consistent & personalized customer experience in every digital channel

Take full control image
Take full control

Connect every ordering channel & customer interface

Single tracking point image
Single tracking point

Monitor every user touchpoint from a single place for streamlined operation and data management

Stay relevant image
Stay relevant

Personalized customer interaction and loyalty programs

Increase efficiency image
Increase efficiency

Reduced staff workload with automatic POS injection & fulfilment

Boost sales image
Boost sales

Serve more customers with larger ticket sizes with new channels

Integrations to power up your business

Seamless integrations with POS, Payment, Delivery, Dispatching, Analytics, and CRM systems

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integrations logo

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